Prevention of occupational risks


In industrial environments and in sectors such as construction, it is vitally important that our workers are comfortable working.

Productive work, sometimes in extreme conditions, can cause significant physical injuries if the worker does not have a good posture, the tools at an ideal distance and height and optimal protective equipment.

Need we fulfilled

Specifically, our client told us that one of their workers, who had been with them for more than 25 years, had suffered a multitude of cervical injuries that prevented him from carrying out his duties normally, and that this was a source of frustration for the worker.

For this reason, the company wanted to invest in the health and injury prevention of this and other employees by seeking a solution that would send an alert to the system when their posture was not the most appropriate, so that they could correct it and thus be as comfortable as possible in their jobs.


Using neural networks, our engineers devised a solution that simplifies the movement of workers by converting it into a succession of points and lines that our neural networks analyse, compare with normal and recommended movements and send alerts when they deviate from them.