Meat industry



The meat industry is changing. Animal welfare is vital to the ethics of both producer and consumer, and directly affects the taste and quality of the meat. This is why new legislation is forcing all farmers, regardless of the size of their business, to implement intelligent monitoring systems.

Need fulfilled

Our client was looking to adapt to the new legislation, which requires slaughterhouses to install a CCTV system that stores images of animals in key locations such as live animal unloading areas or stunning rooms. These images must be available to the authorities on request, and failure to comply could lead to the suspension or withdrawal of the slaughterhouse.


In order to meet this need, we created a system that generates real-time images with a minimum of 15 frames per second, all of which are time and date stamped. We placed the cameras optimising their operation, in order to be able to cover the maximum number of square metres with each camera while minimising the investment. In addition, factors such as cleanliness and protection against vapours and splashes were taken into account when placing them.

These images are fed into a system for recording incidents or non-compliance detected, which shows, for example, the deadline for rectification or the person responsible for the non-compliance. The same system allows, through a dashboard, to search through all the images using Big Data, check atmospheric factors such as temperature (even find out, for example, if the animal is sick or dead), detect and count the number of animals in a room, or program an automatic closing of doors when a parameter is met.